This Weeks Top Ranked Supply Chain Articles

Ten Ways Big Data Is Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management

Big data is providing supplier networks with greater data accuracy, clarity, and insights, leading to more contextual intelligence shared across supply chains.

McDonald’s and the Challenges of a Modern Supply Chain

Supply-chain transparency: firms need to develop strategies for knowing and explaining where stuff comes from (requires free registration at Harvard Business Review).

The Sexiest Job in the World: Supply Chain Management

The difficult behind-the-scenes job of getting the right product at the right time in front of the right people at the right cost is historically a little unglamorous and unsexy. But that is changing quickly. Here is why:

Supply Chain Management: The Next Big Thing?

Supply chain management—the acquisition of parts and raw materials, from purchasing to delivery—is not one of the classic B-school majors, for either undergraduates or MBA’s. But job openings, comfortable salaries, and the prospect for advancement have caused the academic community to take notice

Lost in the clouds: Your private data has been indexed by Google

Personal and sensitive information discovered with a few simple searches. Our lives are digital now. Everything we do online leaves a trail that leads directly to us; something privacy advocates are fighting to eliminate. However, we’re our own worst enemy when it comes to privacy, and personal cloud adoption has done nothing to help the situation.



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