How to Gain “True” Visibility in the Supply Chain

As risks in the supply chain continue to occur and customer demand continues to be less tolerant of disruptions, more companies are recognizing the importance of creating and managing a visible supply chain. Although different interpretations and definitions abound, one way to think of supply chain visibility is: The right information, in actionable detail, on events, orders, inventory, and shipments, up and down, and end to end, updated and presented in real time.

This definition – ambitious by intention – sets the goal of having visibility through every tier of the supply base, with every supply chain partner, in real time. This means continuous real-time automated presentation of information about such things as a real-time consolidated view of inventories across the supply chain, real-time stock and materials in transit, event management with real-time alerting and a continuous projection of future inventory levels from demand, inventory, and fulfillment data.

Utilizing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), GPS and satellite communication, the Cargo Carousel System achieves “True” control tower visibility.



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