Our patented Cargo Carousel System (CCS) will combine Internet of Things, Distributed Ledger Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Information and Communications Technology with autonomous robotics. It replaces wooden pallets with cubic Smart Modules housed in an intermodal steel shipping container/truck trailer transforming the supply chain into an efficient and agile supply “network”. Interoperable between allied forces and between land, air, rail and sea, the CCS offers resilience beyond compare with unprecedented visibility throughout the entire military supply chain from supplier to field, equipping military personnel with the robust support required to be effective with little disruption to current operations.

The innovative Cargo Carousel System (CCS) hyper-optimizes shipping, warehousing and freight logistics. This patented system is a revolution in warehousing and freight logistics allowing goods to be stored, tracked, accessed and protected with far greater efficiency and visibility than ever thought possible.

The CCS is designed to modularize the supply chain by replacing pallets with reusable, recyclable, cubic Smart Modules that are suspended from a carousel system to better absorb shock and to ensure safe movement in the roughest environments.

The Carousel itself is housed within a framework that can fit into any sized trailer or intermodal steel shipping container. The cubic design of the Modules allows full height space utilization of the container / truck trailer without crushing products underneath and eliminates the need for most packaging to reduce weight while actually improving protection.

CCS Smart Modules are designed to provide Command / Supply Chain Personnel / Allies accurate real time data on every supply within the chain from suppliers to field. As each Smart Module is loaded, its contents are scanned, then locked, sealed and placed on the CCS to be tracked individually.

Smart Modules will reduce freight damage and provide real time location data of each Module reducing touch points and human error. To maintain a low profile Smart Modules can be made opaque and lockable with authorized access being controlled remotely to reduce theft and unauthorized access to sensitive contents.

Optional built-in sensors and equipment can control temperature, humidity and light exposure or suppress fires or initiate instant streaming video to identify perpetrators and can be monitored and managed globally with continuous logging capabilities.

CCS equipped containers/trucks can be pre-stocked to provide rapid and austere deployment capabilities. Any last minute changes to supplies are quickly handled as individual Modules can be removed and replaced with an alternative Module. The requirements of FILO inventory management (first in last out) is irrelevant as all Modules are accessible at all times. Staging supplies or waiting to load until all supplies are available is no longer necessary as Modules can be loaded when available. All these capabilities increase speed and efficiency for rapid and accurate deployment while providing real time visibility of military resources at a global level with the accurate data required for logistical analytics.

To guarantee true global visibility a wireless SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) communication system that we developed for the upstream Oil & Gas industry is already in development for the CCS that combines RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags with GPS and additional sensors to track & trace EVERY ITEM within the CCS anywhere in the world in real-time and between modalities (truck, train, ship, plane). As an advanced Internet of Things technology, the CCS software will provide an automatically updated manifest for each CCS Module in a truck/ship/warehouse in real time and collect pertinent data along the value chain for AI to make accurate needs prediction and sourcing decisions.

As seen in the video above, Smart Modules of supplies are moved to the doors, so forklifts no longer enter the container / trailer, eliminating the need for loading docks. Even forklifts are no longer essential as Modules can be opened while still on the Carousel allowing immediate authorized access to their contents. With Modules moving to the doors, CCS equipped containers can now be stacked while still being able to access their contents and, when placed side by side and nose to nose, can eliminate 90% of the aisles in a warehouse. 

                                                 In fact, warehouses are no longer essential since CCS equipped units become mobile warehouses that can be set up anywhere a container / truck trailer can be placed (even in a field) so supplies can be dispersed to maintain a low profile instead of centralized at large, easily targeted warehouses. The CCS can be designed to work off of generators, solar panels or manually making it adaptable to a multitude of locations. 

The CCS standardized Smart Modules are interoperable between road, rail, sea and air, between branches of the military and between allies. Making cross-leveling more efficient and accurate and reimbursements can easily be managed remotely. 

Smart Modules can be built for specific requirements replacing single use vehicles such as bin trucks. A repair Module could be built as a pullout work table with drop down legs and drawers within the Module. Additional Modules with drawers could be added as needed to house parts. Modules can be customized and tracked for Smart handling of supplies providing superior support to deployed forces. 

Intermodal steel shipping containers are already ISO certified to be the exact same dimensions so, the exact position of Smart Modules when loading and unloading from the carousel is easily identified using standard GPS coordinates instead of overly-sophisticated Optical Character Recognition software that is not robust enough for combat zones. The CCS provides geo-positioning capabilities for autonomous forklifts to locate and move Modules as requested, becoming the basis of an autonomous warehouse that can be managed remotely from anywhere in the world.

With the latest technology advances such as Distributed Ledger Technology (i.e. Blockchain), Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Cloud / Edge computing, Cellular / Satellite Communication Technologies and multiple applications of Autonomous Robotics, many aspects of the supply chain can be autonomous. As digital technology advances, the CCS can easily adapt because it connects digitally (IoT) to the actual supplies, not just the vehicle or building they may be in to offer unparalleled interoperability.

By design the CCS is completely complementary to existing operations so there is virtually no change to current infrastructure or processes and the need to upgrade equipment or train personnel is basically eliminated making the CCS a cost effective and easily adopted solution. The CCS transforms the value chain with a flexible and scalable network that represents a complete solution which is easily installed and modular by nature so the Military can quickly adopt, see immediate benefits and ROI, and add to their systems as their needs increase. The Cargo Carousel System design enables it to adapt to future technologies as they emerge, which means the Military isn’t locked into a static system that needs replacing as technology advances.