Strong, Secure, Engaged – Anticipate, Adapt, Act

These artist’s renderings are examples of the checker board boxes in the video below:

                 Module drwg.   CCS - Hanger 

                         Racking                                     Hanging                                      Bulk

Many military supply chains are prone to human error, theft, freight damage, security breaches and a lack of risk identification/mitigation strategies. The logistical planning processes and software programs need to be integrated/replaced with an in depth and custom designed software and corresponding hardware upgrade. The new system will need to provide accurate, detailed, timely information that eliminates issues with securing supplies whether they are in transit, on location or in warehouses. Circular Supply Chains’ patented Cargo Carousel System (CCS) is an all encompassing customizable solution that will provide true “Control Tower” visibility with automatic real time reports that clearly indicate exactly where supplies are, at what rate they are being used and what and when supplies need to be replenished. This information is continuously collected and used to create accurate historical data for future use.

The Cargo Carousel System is being developed specifically to replace wooden pallets and plastic wrap with rugged, cubic, reusable and recyclable aluminum “modules” to safely contain and protect contents. Each module of the CCS is suspended from the Carousel to better absorb shock and to insure safe movement in the roughest environments. The Carousel itself is housed within a framework that can fit into any sized trailer or intermodal steel shipping container. The cubic design of the modules allows full height space utilization of the container/truck/warehouse without crushing products underneath and it’s over/under carousel function allows any module to be brought forward and removed/exchanged with other modules and allows easy access to any of the modules within the container even when they’re stacked and without the need for loading docks. This design allows for flexibility during the planning stage of deployment as modules can be swapped out easily as needs change or calculations are updated.

To guarantee true “Control Tower” visibility a wireless SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) communication system that we perfected for the upstream Oil & Gas industry is already in development for the CCS that combines RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags with GPS and other sensors to track & trace EVERY ITEM within the CCS anywhere in the world in real-time and between modalities (truck, train, ship, plane). As an advanced Internet of Things technology, the CCS software can provide an automatically updated manifest for each CCS container on a truck/ship/warehouse and collect historical data all along the way for more accurate future logistic planning decisions. The CCS can be used just about anywhere because loading docks are not required. The modules of the CCS can be custom built to carry ammunition, small arms, uniforms, equipment, food, hospital supplies, etc. The system can be built to fit any size truck, container, ship or plane. An entire company can be fully equipped with containers/trailers of pre-stocked items for quick deployment and replenishment.

The CCS creates a platform for further R&D in Robotics, IoT, Blockchain, AI, Physical Internet, Cloud/Edge Computing, ICT, etc. as each applies to supply chains and logistics. Military applications allow interoperability not only between modalities but also between sectors (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force) and between allied forces that use the CCS in their own operations. An automated storage and retrieval system that is mobile and housed in steel shipping containers allows these containers to be stacked as high as desired while access to their contents is always available because the CCS moves the modules towards the door openings for easy access anywhere they’re placed.

Empty modules of the system are used in the reverse chain for recycling, waste removal, equipment repairs or anything that needs to return to base/port/warehouse. For military operations this “circular” type of supply and return chain extends to all ships/trucks/warehouses in the military, making this system invaluable for its quick replenishment capabilities at sea and on land and between allied forces. When transferring between deployments, simply swap out an empty/spent module and replace it with a new, pre-stocked module at the same time and with the same system. The same holds true for an intermodal container itself once back on base/port/warehouse, simply swap out a new, pre-stocked container with one that is returning to dramatically improve replenishment efficiency and recycling.