The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) are made up of seventeen different goals that need to be addressed if we are to continue living on the face of this planet as a civil society able to care for itself well into the future. The dead-end roads that we have created for ourselves environmentally, socially and economically are not sustainable and the longer we wait to act with conviction instead of just talking about it the worse these problems will become.

The circular economy is not directly considered to be one of the seventeen goals but it encompasses several of them within a singular concept and represents one of the best opportunities that we have to start heading towards a more sustainable planet.

Our Cargo Carousel System provides solutions to eight of the seventeen goals while creating the backbone to a circular economy. We are members of the UN’s One Planet Network where we have focused on Goal #12, “Responsible Production and Consumption”. As a supply chain system with reverse chain capabilities built into its design, we combine the concept of a circular economy with responsible production and consumption to support this and other sustainable development goals.