Rapid Response

The Cargo Carousel System (CCS) provides a method for extending stock capacity by creating semi permanent stock locations for rapid response to any sized disaster and supports surge capacity for international operations management. As a tool for rapid deployment, there are few systems available that can match the efficiency, scalability, flexibility and sustainability of the CCS.

Each of the cubic modules are a four foot cube that can be used as a rack for reusable plastic totes/trays, as a hanger for clothing or as an open space for anything imaginable. These module are suspended from the Carousel to better absorb shock and are enclosed to better protect their contents. The enclosure is lockable to deter theft and sealable for transporting across borders. Loading docks are not required because the Carousel moves the cubic modules to the forefront of the container where their contents can be accessed without needing a forklift. If a forklift is available the containers can also be stacked on top of each other and their contents can still be accessed as high as the forklift can reach. Stacking the containers in this manner can create an immediate warehouse or fulfilment center anywhere it’s desired.

The Carousels that carry the modules can fit into any length of trailer or intermodal container which are both weatherproof. This allows storage anywhere, on or off the trailer, and in as many quantities as needed for local rapid deployment. Eliminating costly warehouse space that is often under utilized, in exchange for mobile space that can be adjusted as needed anywhere it’s needed, at any time it’s needed, dramatically improves efficiency. Pre-stocking individual modules that can be quickly loaded or pre-stocking entire containers with pre-stocked modules offers tremendous flexibility and scalability to suit requirements. Available refrigerated units allow pharmaceuticals, perishables and frozen products to also be stored or transported anytime they’re needed or anywhere they’re needed very quickly..

With RFID (IoT), GPS and sensor technologies for temperature, humidity, light exposure, shock, movement, O2, CO2, ethylene, etc. available for each module with real-time monitoring and alerting capabilities combined with cellular communication and an automatic redundant, satellite back-up system to ensure that a signal is never dropped, the atmosphere within each module can be monitored and controlled confidently from anywhere in the world and from as many locations as desired.

Our open architecture and public API’s (Application Program Interface) allows seamless integration with any legacy system and can connect current data that is trapped in silos creating a network for new analytical capabilities and artificial intelligence to provide links from logistics to relief operations for superior mobile communication and management from multiple locations around the world with multiple users synchronized and reported in real-time.