How We Can Eliminate 50% of GHG Emissions from the Supply Chain

Empty back hauls are the downfall of the trucking industry. Once a truck delivers its load, whether at one location or several along the way, it either returns to the depot empty or has to make a return trip to pick up cargo because there was no room on the truck as it did its delivery run. For this reason trucks continuously travel twice as far as necessary and they all do it all the time because they have no alternative.

It’s also the reason that they actually ship more air than merchandise! Trucks are rarely full even when they’re delivering goods because they can’t stack most merchandise to the full height of the trailer and they always end up empty on their return trip back to the depot. And guess what? You are the one paying for shipping all that air! “Somebody” has to pay for it and the trucking companies include that cost in everything you buy! If we could fill every truck all the time we’d only need half as many of them on the road while cutting the cost of our purchases!

The Cargo Carousel System can eliminate these empty back hauls and cut the number of trucks on the road by half. Store returns, label changes, perishables, outdated merchandise, damages and recyclables can all be picked up at the same time new merchandise is being delivered. This cuts greenhouse gas emissions by 50% at the same time and greenhouse gas emissions are the leading cause of global warming.

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