Efficient Space Utilization

Stacking the Cargo Carousel System side by side and as high as desired inside a warehouse or outside allows far greater space utilization than regular racking as shown below.

                               The image on the left depicts a warehouse layout using regular racking with aisles reserved for forklifts to maneuver while the image on the right is the same sized warehouse and the same number of available pallet positions with a layout of the Cargo Carousel System. Aisles do not need to be reserved for forklifts to maneuver with the Cargo Carousel System so all that wasted space can now be used for automated deep storage and retrieval where the ROI becomes readily apparent.

But don’t let our videos mislead you, the modules of the Cargo Carousel System can still be stored on regular racking or stacked one on top of the other. The key to total networking and collaboration within the supply chain is not the modules or their design but the Carousel itself. The ability for any transport company to drop off and pick up modules at the same time in the supply and reverse chains while continuously utilizing the entire available space within the trailer/container or the warehouse offers the greatest cost savings in terms of both, dollars and the environment.

The modules can still be handled manually if necessary, even without the Carousel, so transitioning to the Cargo Carousel System is made that much easier to try but, when the modules are used with the Carousel, this is when it truly becomes a “system”. When stacked side-by-side and end-to-end within a warehouse the Cargo Carousel System eliminates most of the aisles required for forklifts to maneuver in and provides a superior method of automated deep storage and retrieval. When complimented with a Cargo Carousel inside of a transport trailer/container, the modules once again become interchangeable to create a “system” that is similarly functional at every leg of the supply or reverse chain. When sensor technologies (IoT) are added to the equation the system becomes a network that can be made available to anyone interested in joining.

“Develop a complete solution, that is easily installed, and modular by nature, so customers can quickly adopt, see immediate benefits and ROIs, and add to their systems as their needs increase. That’s the way to develop technology” Learn more…